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Southbound: episode 1 & 2
Publicerad tisdag 25 juni 2013 av RedaxInnehåll / Filmer

Southbound is a project from EpicTV, documenting surf culture from northern Norway to the south of Portugal and everything in between.

Chasing the Midnight Sun

Episode 1 starts in Norway, the land of extremes. Usually seen covered under a blanket of snow in winter, we now see it in summer, where there is so much sunlight that the crew are able to find and surf some great waves after midnight in some majestic environments. As well as some local surfers we bump into South African wandering surf gypsy Andrew Lange who keeps us entertained with some smooth lines and some soulful tunes all played out in the shadow of some incredible northern peaks. Surfers - Seamus Fox, Andrew Lange.

Surf Sesh Sweden, Denmark, and Holland

In the second episode of Southbound we look at the lesser known European surf regions of Sweden, Denmark and Holland. The surfers here are super motivated, and have overcome the obstacles of freezing winters and infrequent swells to keep themselves topped up on stoke. A real reminder to make the best of what you're given, and not to take anything for granted. Surfers - Freddie Meadows, Christoffer and Oliver Hartkopp, Yannick de Jager.

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