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Ny Vädertjänst för Surfare
Publicerad onsdag 22 april 2015 av RedaxNyheter / Sverige

Från vårt grannland Finland kommer denna fantastiska vädertjänst som är skräddarsydd för surfare i och runt Östersjön. Upphovsmannen Hiski Nuortie berättar:

"Hello and greetings from another cold surf country in the Baltic Sea. I'm a passionate surfer and I have developed in the past year a new surf forecast service for Baltic Sea surfers. Actually it is not only forecast, but contains also lot of recent observations from Finland, Sweden and Estonia. On the interactive map, on right click (or long tap on pad) you can get wave and wind forecast for those coordinates (wave forecast is limited to Baltic Sea). Also the observations history is very useful, for example you just need to remember the date you were surfing at certain spot when it was epic, and you can check the observations from that date. There is more features, if not clear - check the help page."

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